Portable prefab offices

In M&W Construction we understand well how important it is to make the right impression on your business partners and clients. The year-round marketing suites available in our offer make a perfect solution for those who seek not only efficient but also pleasant spaces for their work.

Based on wooden or steel bases, they can be finished according to your needs with a variety of materials we provide. These can be chosen among different kinds of modern elevation systems, such as wood, steel cassettes, alucobond panels and fibre-cement boards. Our marketing suites are stable and safe, resistant to all weather conditions and comfortable. The size of the building can be adjusted to your needs anytime by adding or taking the modules away, which gives you the freedom to introduce changes when your business grows.

Marketing units suites for sale

Marketing suite for sale

Create your new working space with the design by our architects and allow our experienced team on-site to make sure everything works. Every marketing suite for sale you will find in our offer can be customized to your needs. Thanks to regular consultations that can be conducted in both English and German we will follow your ideas step by step. All aspects of the project, like light or heating, need to be just right where you need them. Once the design is ready, we will work fast and thoroughly to deliver your new marketing suite on time. If you are searching for a time and cost-saving way to build a home for your business, contact our consultants and let us support your growth.