Prefab modern homes: modular buildings

Are you dreaming of living in your own, stylish and functional house, but you cannot afford one? Or maybe you fear the amount of time and work necessary to build it? Well, it does not have to be that way. M&W Construction invites you to explore a variety of our prefab modern homes for sale. We offer you contemporary looking pre-built homes customised exactly to your needs. Explore our projects and realizations – you will be surprised how convenient, practical and sophisticated they are.

Why is it worth choosing a modular house?

When it comes to quality and functionality, prefab modern homes are as good as the traditional ones. They can even outclass them. If you ask yourself what other advantages could our prefabricated house have, we are happy to provide you with answers:

  • during the building process, all the modules are under a strict technological control
  • modular homes for sale are covered by warranty and the defects are repaired at the manufacturer’s expense
  • a specialised, skilful team of builders guarantees professional construction
  • all enhancements (electricity, plumbing fixture) are installed just like in a traditional house
  • prefab modern homes are constructed off-site and only assembled on-site
  • attractive price – the pre-built modular houses are highly cost-effective
  • time saving – you can order a fully finished house ready to move in
  • fast construction – our buildings can be assembled in a short amount of time
modular prefab home building

Why is M&W Construction the best choice for modular house building?

Our company has over 18 years of experience on the prefabricated house building market. Our professional services include both design and construction. We have a team of young, creative architects, and also talented constructors. Therefore, we ensure that your order will be realized quickly and, at the same time, flawlessly. Our unique projects are typically contemporary and minimalist. Yet, we are open to our customers’ suggestions: you are invited to actively participate and bring your ideas into the process of creating your dream prefab modular home. You can either use one of our building projects or prepare your own. Be sure that our team will help you adapt and, if necessary, correct it. We offer expert support in English and German, so that our customers feel comfortable communicating with us.

M&W Construction – modern prefab houses for sale

luxury modular house - MW Construction

Our company aims to respond to our customers’ requirements. Therefore, while constructing our modern prefabricated modular houses for sale, we follow the latest architectural trends. We also build from different types of materials, according to the project specifications.

Would you be interested in the price of your chosen dream home? In that case, please, feel free to contact us, as we set the prices individually, after having analysed the customer’s order. With our professionalism and reliability, we definitely stand out from the competition. You can fully trust us when it comes to modern modular home construction sevices.