Modular school buildings: mobile classrooms

You are currently renovating your school and need some mobile temporary classrooms? Or maybe your campus is developing and new facilities are required? Or, perhaps, due to overcrowding, you need some extra teaching space? In all the above cases, we are there for you! M&W Constructions delivers prefabricated school buildings and modular classrooms. They can be moved easily, installed quickly, and they offer a large variety of solutions.

Why is a modular school a good option for me?

We offer you stand-alone portable school buildings, as well as temporary mobile classrooms for sale which can be added to or removed from existing buildings whenever necessary. This way, you can prevent your school from temporary overcrowding. Our prefab modular buildings are intended to meet particular material requirements and design specifications. We guarantee durability of their interior and exterior. Moreover, our prefabricated constructions are built off-site, so there is no mess left behind. Our products are really cost-effective. What is more, we are flexible when it comes to responding to our customers’ needs: you can choose mobile classrooms for sale or lease – buy them or hire and return when no longer necessary.

modular school classrooms

What else do I gain by investing in modular school buildings?

Our company is at your disposal: we can provide you with various layouts, so that the buildings can be fully customised to your teaching standards. What is important, we support integrative teaching by eliminating any physical barriers and creating a space where every student feels safe and comfortable. Our prefab modular classrooms can be equipped with all the necessary surveillance and security systems as well. They are also, of course, ready for installation of any electronic equipment.

Modular school – a modern design and all the essential facilities

modular classroom

If you wish for your school to have a contemporary look and, at the same time, create a friendly atmosphere for young people, our prefab modular classrooms for sale are the best choice. They are effortless to maintain and look really well. Our spaces are much more than just prefabricated mobile constructions. They can be perfectly customised to be used as staff offices, restrooms, labs, cafés, libraries and more. If you are interested in our offer, don’t hesitate to contact us.