Portable prefab offices

An excellent solution that can follow your business is now available with our portable prefab offices. They can be moved where you move. They are cheaper and easier to apply than regular buildings, and can be customized according to your needs. Resistant to all conditions and lasting, these portable offices for sale take efficiency to a whole new level. Prefabricated buildings come ready-made to the location and start working for your success straight away. We adjust them to your business needs, welcoming every personal requirement of yours.

Give your team a high-quality working space and let them benefit from it daily. Present your requirements to our consultants so that we can tailor our portable office cabins to your needs. We are an experienced team of architects and constructors, willing to support and advise on how to make modular office building work best for you. All our discussions on your individual project may be held in both English and German.

portable prefab offices

Modular offices

There are plenty of reasons why prefabricated modular offices are just the choice when your business is growing. Offering the same advantages as regular offices, they are cost-saving when it comes to construction. Once designed and delivered, they only need to be put in place and no weather conditions can stop the process. You then save time and energy that you can put into your business instead of spending it on typical construction site issues. And if the need for changes comes, it will be easy to adapt the space.

Prefab modular buildings that we offer are made of only top-quality materials. Their bases are wooden or steel, and the finishing can be just like you have imagined it. We can implement solutions such like Trespa facades, corten, alucobond panels, glass, wood and many others. All of them are not only attractive, but also comfortable. Every modular office by M&W Construction is sustainable, meaning that less waste is produced during its construction and the compounds used for finishing are energy-saving.

Prefab office buildings

modular office building - MW Construction

Who stands behind the prefabricated office buildings that we deliver? Experienced teams of architects and constructors. Over 18 years of active presence on the market makes us understand exactly what our clients need. We want to hear about your requirements and respond to them in every possible way. The architects will thoroughly discuss your ideas and implement suggestions to the modular cabin design. We will transport the portable prefab office to the location. Comparing to regular building construction, the time needed to turn the design into reality is extremely short. And even when your prefab office is set already, you can still introduce changes in the future. This is a kind of flexibility that no regular office will give you.

If you search for another option that would help you avoid high costs at the moment, let us talk about leasing. We will be happy to support you on your way to changing your business with a new portable prefab modular office, and so different options are available.